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Psychotherapy: from the Greek, meaning care of the soul

Psychotherapy should integrate an exploration of both behavioral elements of any problem, as well as underlying motivations and meaning.

Symptoms may not be the “real” problem, but inadequate attempts to solve a deep difficulty. Put another way, symptoms are often remnants of an attempt to solve a problem from another time.

Better problem-solving resources and stress-management are essential to optimal recovery from any struggle.

Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy
Living in a materialistic culture, people who have spiritual experiences or issues are limited in their options. Mainstream science and psychology share the unsubstantiated belief that the world we see is all there is. In addition, therapists are not usually trained to distinguish the abnormal from the paranormal, or to separate pathology from cultural traditions.
The fact that people have unexplained, paranormal or spiritual experiences is undeniable but, because they fall outside our narrow model of science, “experts” and professional skeptics are unable to deal with them rationally.

The role of belief in any of the “spiritual technologies” is less important than the willingness of client and therapist to face the images on their own territory and to recognize that they have a psychological reality as powerful as any memory.