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The Spiritual Quest

Many people are convinced that


there is more to our world than we can see


we have a soul that existed before our body


life is full of meaning.

Shamanic Counseling
For tens of thousands of years, elder cultures have survived through Shamanic practices that that gave life meaning, provided for a constructive relationship with the greater world, and offered spiritual healing.
Spiritual technologies of the Shamanist might include:
Shamanic Counseling in which clients are helped to journey to find their own sources of spiritual help, and
Shamanic Rituals for assisting with life transitions, healing and soul-retrieval

Non-Hypnotic Past-Life Therapy
Many people have noticed spontaneous memories, relationship difficulties, emotional patterns, maladaptive behaviors, dreams, compulsions, fears and phobias that seem to defy our usual psychotherapeutic work. This is the modern experience of what has been known as “karma.”

These patterns (usually called “symptoms”) are the spilling over into present time our ineffective attempt to handle some previous event that overwhelmed our ability to cope at that time.

The use of non-hypnotic techniques to recover past-life memories is detailed in
Living Your Past Lives, by Karl Schlotterbeck. (see order page.)

A New Conception of Prenatal Life

Karl Schlotterbeck